A white Christmas tree can be modern, traditional, rustic, or zen, - it's all about the way you decorate it.


At some point during all the time that I spend ON PINTEREST, much to my surprise, I became a white Christmas tree enthusiast.  I love the color white and the flexibility of versatile decorative accessories, so the fact that depending on how you decorate it, a white Christmas tree can be modern, traditional, or contemporary is a win-win.  To demonstrate just how wonderfully diverse I find a white tree to be, I’ve compiled a slideshow of 25 incredible interiors with white Christmas trees.  Take a look, and just as I often ask for ON INSTAGRAM, let me know in a comment: yay or nay?  Are you in?


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Author: Sarah Baynes

Interior Designer and Author at SarahBaynes.com, empowering women to decorate with confidence.

  • Hi Joanna,
    I agree – the white tree is so serene and it does better highlight ornaments. I’ll be right there with you, getting one for next year!

  • Joanna

    I think they’re all beautiful. It creates a serene look and is a great backdrop for your decorations. If I can find a good looking artificial tree in the after Christmas sales, I’ll buy one for next year. I might have to get a can of white spray paint for some of my other pieces. Oh, such fun!