Sandra Espinet book The Well Traveled Home

While traveling, what to do with all the unexpected treasures found abroad? In The Well-Traveled Home, lifelong traveler and interior designer Sandra Espinet offers her advice and vivid visual examples of interiors she has designed with treasures found abroad over the years.

Sandra Espinet book The Well Traveled Home

Featured numerous times in Architectural Digest and many other design publications, the San Diego based designer is known for her relaxed luxury aesthetic and international style. Sandra has degrees in design from the New England School of Design in Boston, the American College of Art in Atlanta and a Masters Degree in Production Design from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

Sandra Espinet book The Well Traveled Home

Espinet’s appetite for adventure, which began during a childhood spent living all over the world with her parents, continues to thrive in her interior design work.

Sandra Espinet book The Well Traveled Home

Her interiors are layered, eclectic, and filled with textiles, furnishings, and accessories she collects from all over the world.

Sandra Espinet book The Well Traveled Home

The fun is in the hunt, and reading through The Well-Traveled Home, you never know what rare and one-of-a-kind elements Sandra will bring into one of her spaces next.

Sandra Espinet book The Well Traveled Home

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into Sandra’s world, and her first book.

Sandra Espinet book The Well Traveled Home

To order a copy of The Well-Traveled Home, click here.  Leave me a comment below and let me know which of Sandra’s interiors are your favorites.

Sandra Espinet Portrait

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Image Credits: Gibbs SmithTime2Design.

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  • Hi Igor, Thank you for saying hello! I couldn’t agree more about it being the best souvenir ever.

  • Karolyn, do share where you found the article! Sandra really is down to earth and such a nice person.

  • Hi Karolyn, lol no problem! Thanks for your great comments as always!

  • Hi Jessica, Thanks for saying hello! Agree with all you’ve said!

  • Jessica Potter

    These photos are so beautiful! Looks like Sandra has found some great pieces around the world, what an inspiration. Adding this book to my must-haves!

  • I am not sure why it placed your photo for my avatar, I just went back to my site and saw they did that , now its working… so weird! Sorry about that, disquus messed up!

  • Guest

    I just read an old article on her while waiting at my daughter vocal lesson! I love her style, and she is more down to earth that I thought… I love that she always dresses up when traveling, and she love to cook!
    Love it, Karolyn

  • Igor Josifovic

    Very inspiring! I am an avid traveler myself and I ALWAYS bring something back home for display, be it home textiles, home décor, tableware, books. It is the best souvenir ever. And it makes your home unique and full of memories.