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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with generous BlogTour Cologne 2013 sponsor, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).  NKBA is the premiere association for kitchen and bath professionals. Nearly 50 years after its inception, the NKBA has a membership of more than 50,000 members and is the proud owner of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).


Whether you are a homeowner, a designer, or both, chances are that you will need to outfit, upgrade, or enhance your kitchen, your bath, or both at some point. Never fear: the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is here.  Their mission is to promote professionalism in the kitchen and bath industry and to educate the public on the role and value of working with a qualified professional. To that end, NKBA provides a range of resources to help both homeowners and professional learn everything they need to know.

For homeowners NKBA offers resources like an Inspiration GalleryKitchen & Bath Plannersnewsletters featuring the latest kitchen and bath trends and tips for remodel projects, and a Professional Search engine to find a designer to work with. To get a feel for the functionality of the NKBA site I browsed through the Inspiration Gallery,  and found an image of kitchen that I like. I then read the designer and company information listed below the image. I like the mix of modern and traditional elements in this design. Thanks to NKBA, I was able to see that this interior designer is Jane Lockhart Design, go to her site, and look further through her portfolio.  More images of Ms. Lockhart‘s kitchen design work:




Homeowners, as you can see the Inspiration Gallery is an awesome feature, as is the Professional Search engine, in which you enter your zip code and a list of certified local designers comes up in a jiff.

For professionals, the NKBA site is just as helpful with resources like on-line and in person NKBA Courses, guides to NKBA-certification, and news on legislative issues, trends, and association happenings. And with networking events, consumer leads, member discounts, marketing tools, job listings, and leadership opportunities, becoming a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, as well as attending the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) are important considerations.

Now, in supporting BlogTour Cologne 2013, NKBA is doing what it does best: actively promoting education and inspiration in the kitchen and bath industry by making it possible for groups of design bloggers like myself to travel the globe to report back to our audiences at home on all things design, especially kitchen and bath design.  Here’s a little of what NKBA has to say about it:

With a revitalized education mantra this year, our association is happy to support BlogTour where followers learn, enjoy and get inspired about home design and advancements in kitchen and bath.  And, as owners and drivers of the KBIS brand, we want to let our membership and the industry know about the exciting changes and events happening @kbis2013 from April 19 – 21 in New Orleans.  We will tell the #BlogTourCGN bloggers all about it as we host an authentic German night after the first day [Monday January 14, 2013] of attending IMM on the tour.

I can’t wait to meet Leanne Wood Newman and the NKBA crew!

Thank you NKBA for sponsoring BlogTour Cologne 2013!  To learn more about NKBA‘s vision from our bloggers over the next weeks and months and follow all BlogTour posts on Modenus, facebook, and twitter under the hash tag #BlogTour CGN.


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Author: Sarah Sarna

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