In November, Live The Life You Dream About will be turning one! THIS YEAR HAS BEEN PHENOMENAL! Phenomenal. I’ve met SO MANY amazing people through LTLYDA and truly love being a part of such an incredible blogger community (blogosphere if you will!). The opportunities that have come from blogging have been just wonderful.  Just to name a few, earlier this month I was sponsored to attend fashion week, and in the past four months I received an illuminating blogger award, attended blogfest, and was invited to cover numerous events around town (including Rubelli’s recent book signing and House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year) on behalf of LTLYDA. The New York Botanical Gardens, too, invited my husband and I as their guest to their annual orchid show and provided me with an exclusive discount on tickets to extend to my readers.

Amazing. And lately, with a following of 5,000+ persons internationally (so cool) across twitter, my fb page, instagram, and pinterest in addition to my blog, I have begun being approached by potential advertisers and am now working with and accepting sponsors.  I’m so happy to running my own business, working in a very personal way with clients in their home and connecting in a very public way with other designers, bloggers, and people across the blog.


In order to mark the one year anniversary of my design practice and my blog, I’m excited to be hosting a cocktail party with the lovely Lana Lawrence and Joe Calagna of the ALB Design Center of Chelsea and Anthony Lawrence-Belfair.  I will be inviting dear readers, clients, and friends, but most of all fellow interior design, style, and lifestyle bloggers. If you’re reading this this probably includes you!  Look out for an email, DM, or message of some kind in the near future.  Please note that it’s very important that everyone RSVP so that we can plan accordingly, because it’s very important that we all have a good time.


The Anthony Lawrence-Belfair (ALB) brand is a third-generation, world-renowned custom furniture and custom window treatment manufacturer for the top interior designers from around the world.

After decades of being at the forefront of the custom luxury interior design industry, ALB President Joe Calagna and ALB Vice President Lana Lawrence opened the doors to the new ALB Design Center of Chelsea in November.

That’s right, the Design Center and LTLYDA are actually both turning one!

ALB’s new Design Center is an absolutely stunning 16,ooo SF custom-luxury interior design-product showroom, designed by Luca Andrisani Architects, the New York-based architect lauded for his retail interiors, including his Fifth Avenue Fendi Flagship design with Peter Marino and Meatpacking District and Las Vegas Poleci fashion boutiques. His design for the ALB Design Center is truly beautiful. If you haven’t been yet, I look forward to you doing so! As you can see below, it’s fantastic.

The corporate offices/ brand headquarters are just as well-designed.


What has always set the Anthony Lawrence-Belfair brand apart is the craftsmanship, skill, and attention to detail everyone believes in and practices.  I had the opportunity to take a tour of ALB’s on-site workroom with Lana and I was blown away.  Over 70 artisans and fine-workmen reside on staff in house, as opposed to a train ride away to a Brooklyn or Queens warehouse, like the majority of New York workrooms with storefronts or offices in Manhattan.  Having the artisans at hand is an interior designer’s dream. And the workroom is as beautiful and as organized as the brand’s showroom – a true first for me in over 10 years of interior design practice. I continue to be impressed with everything about ALB and Lana, who I’ve had the pleasure of also getting to know, and am so happy to be collaborating with her and Joe for this celebration.


A focus on doing their very best is an ALB tradition that extends as far back as their work with the legendary Mark Hampton and the great Mario Buatta. They were these interior designers’ go-to artisans, particularly and tellingly with their highest profile clients, like Jackie Kennedy.  Hampton and Buatta’s work with the former First Lady on the White House guest quarters is one of their most well known projects to date.


For a little more of ALB’s history, this is a great video:


 ALB is an exceptional brand. I’m thrilled to collaborate with them to celebrate LTLYDA‘s one year anniversary. ONE YEAR! Wow! Very exciting.

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ALB on facebook /Lana Lawrence and Joe Calagna via photographer Annie Watt / Jackie Kennedy via photographer Mark Shaw /Jackie Kennedy via photographer Mark Shaw / Mark Hampton via Interior Design magazine / Mark Buatta via Interior Design Magazine / ALB Interiors via Luca Andrisani Architects /
/ Video /


Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.

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