Bathroom with a glamorous oak and chrome floating vanity designed by Oliver Burns, via @sarahsarna.


While working on an article about 2016 bathroom trends, I realized that I have so many examples of each trend that I can dedicate a full post to each one. I cut myself off at 15 images of bathrooms with a floating vanity, but I could show you 30+, all published within the last few years and all exemplary of the growing popularity of this design detail.


As stylish as a floating vanity is, two main concerns with them are a.) their inability to maximize under-counter storage, and b.) their limited amount of concealed storage. If crisply folded towels, neatly stacked at all times on an open shelf won't be a good fit for your household, the floating vanity will not be a practical choice for your home. They certainly look amazing, though, don't they?


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Image Source: Hotel The Serras Barcelona.

Bathroom with a marble floating vanity at Hotel The Serras in Barcelona, via @sarahsarna.

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  • They are so beautiful and I love the look! The first image is a favorite!