With Daylight Savings and sunshine on the mind, here are 4 winter outfits to keep you cozy in this cold and that will transition beautifully into Spring.

With only a few more weeks until Daylight Savings, Spring is around the corner but it’s still winter and (brrrr) cold.  With sunshine on the mind, I’ve put together 4 winter outfits to keep you cozy in this cold and transition beautifully into Spring.


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From Left to Right:
Top Row:
Winter Outfit: Baby Blue Pullover Sweater* \ Grey Trousers* \ Pink Satchel Bag*
Spring Outfit: Baby Blue Pullover Sweater* \ Tweed Skirt* \ Heels* \ Pink Satchel Bag*
Winter Outfit: Black and White Stripe Turtleneck Sweater* \ Light Blue Jeans* \ Suede Ankle Boots*
Spring OutfitBlack and White Stripe Turtleneck Sweater* \ White Jeans* \ Pink Rain Boots* \ Bamboo-Handle White Leather Tote*
Bottom Row:
Winter OutfitRemovable Turtleneck Sweater* \ Black Wide Leg Trousers*
Spring OutfitRemovable Turtleneck Sweater* \ Cropped Cargo Pants* \ Woven Market Bag* \  Gold Flatforms*
Winter OutfitStripe Sweater* \ Wide Leg Pants* \ Black Satchel*
Spring OutfitStripe Sweater* \ Cropped Light Blue Jeans* \  Converse High Top Sneakers*


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Author: Sarah Sarna

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  • Hi Gustavo, Valid point – sandals are a tough call in Spring, as the weather varies so much from morning to evening. Which is why I only included one pair ;)!

  • Thanks, Azanah! Me too. Love that these outfits can be worn Fall through Spring!

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    My biggest problem during those transition periods are always shoes! Sandals don’t seem like a good idea to be honest 😛

  • Azanah Khadduri

    Love all of these ideas! I’m so excited for spring.