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Last night I had the best time catching up with Courtney Price, fellow Fashion Week blogger over the phone. So many good memories from #brizofw came back (among them: what wonderful people I’ve met!) and after hanging up with Courtney I started compiling images from Day One at last to share! OK here we go… Day One of Brizo Fashion Week in photos.

We’ll start at 5pm, when I was picked up at home.  And I arrived at the Eventi hotel, my home away from home for a few days, at… 5:15. With a little over a mile in distance from point A to B, I definitely had the briefest travel time! In the image above, see my view upon entering the hotel lobby.  I was greeted warmly, checked in, and was off to settle into my room. Here it is!  It was exciting but strange as well.  As a newlywed this would be my first night away from my husband!

To get settled in, the first thing I did, after taking a snap, was to sit in the white leather chair on the right and ::click::, take a self portrait! The Brizo Welcome Reception was scheduled to begin at 7pm sharp, so I unpacked a little and got ready to head down to the Eventi Suite on the hotel’s 5th floor.

And here we are: on the hotel terrace with cocktails in full swing and a skyline surround. I had met a few of the interior design bloggers before, but most of us had only tweeted over twitter, so there were many beautiful new faces to get to know. In this photo Seth Fritz, Brizo Lead Industrial Designer, and Stacy Naquin are chatting together at center.

After we  had all gotten a chance to mingle and have a few sips of our drinks, the lovely Jai Massela, Brizo Marketing Manager, said a few words to welcome us all.

There we are, listening, smiling, and introducing ourselves.  That’s Pamela Copeman raising her hand there, with Courtney Price on our left and Laurie Gorelick and Rebecca Reynolds at our right.

From left to right: Judd Lord, Brizo Industrial Design Director, Leanna Adeola, Young & Laramore Team Member, Christiana Schaefer, Brizo Team Member, Mandy Ellington, Brizo Product Marketing Manager, Kristen Baum, Brizo Product Marketing Manager, Brian Nobbe, Brizo Marketing Director, and Manvi Drona-Hidalgo.

More introductions!

Meet our special guest of the evening, Mr. Beckley, snuggling here with Laurie,

now with Traci,

and of course with his mom, Denise!

After cocktails, our second special guest of the evening, Dexter, came to visit! Here he is with Edyta and his mom, Manvi.

After-after-cocktails, a few of us went off to the bar to say good night for the evening.

Then, back to my room, where I was ready to rest up for Day Two.

And, after chatting with my husband, lights out!

So many great memories – there are lots more Brizo Fashion Week photos to come!

Images / 1 / Eventi Hotel Lobby /2 /  My Room at The Eventi Hotel / 3 / #selfie taken with excitement / 3  / opening cocktails al fresco with a view of the city,  Seth Fritz and Stacy Naquin in the foreground / 4 / Jai Massela (Brizo Marketing Manager) welcoming us to #BrizoFW via Jennifer Mehditash/ 5 / via Jennifer Mehditash /6 /  from left to right: Judd Lord, Leanna Adeola, Christiana Schaefer, Mandy Ellington, Kristen Baum, Brian Nobbe, Manvi Drona-Hidalgo, via Jennifer Mehditash / 7 / via Lakesha Rose / 8-10  / Love for Mr Beckley via Jennifer Mehditash, Edyta Czajkowska, Lakesha Rose  /11 / Manvi Drona-Hidalgo (in pink) and Edyta Czajkowska (in leopard) with Dexter / 12 / #blogger19s off to the bar for a final drink before bedtime, via Edyta Czajkowska /13 / A Room at The Eventi Hotel at Night / 14 / Night View of Empire State Building via Edyta Czajkowska

Note* / To see all photos tagged with #brizofw on instagram visit /

Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.

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  • Edyta

    Such an amazing weekend!! xoxo

  • We had so much fun didn’t we?! Loved catching up on the phone!!

  • Thank you Donna!! We loved Christy!!

  • Donna Vining

    Loved hearing about all your fun events from Christy! Great post on day 1!


  • Courtney

    What a fun post! You really captured the excitement of day one- memories!!! Loved catching up with you on the phone!!