Tom Scheerer Decorates Book


I can’t think of a better book than Tom Scheerer Decorates to come home from vacation to. Beautifully photographed by Francesco Lagnese, this new book written by Mimi Read will be available for purchase on September 10th. Pre-order it on Amazon now. Hundreds of Lagnese’s photographs, paired with Read’s prose, span twenty plus years of Manhattan-based interior designer Tom Scheerer‘s uniquely American aesthetic.


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“It’s spirited and reserved. It’s exuberant and quiet. It’s never ever vulgar, thanks to his Yankee understatement, but you always notice it,” is how Miles Redd describes Scheerer’s work. The designer has his trademarks: limed finishes, Saarinen tables, and Thonet bentwood chairs. Tom’s style, however, encompasses his entire lifestyle philosophy. “Elegance,” he says, “is really about economy.”

Tom Scheerer

Author: Sarah Sarna

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