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I’ve made a resolution for 2013 that I want to tell you about…

…this is the year that I WILL learn to drive!

Way back I did learn to drive once, over a summer break when I was home from college. I took the driver’s test once, didn’t stop fully at a stop sign (fully enough – I slowed down to what was an almost stop), took the test again, and voila got my licence.  But by then it was time to go back to Haverford in the fall, and when I returned home for the Holidays I somehow didn’t quite have the confidence to get back out there behind the wheel.

And so on. And so forth.  I probably drove a few times total, before moving to New York to attend Parsons, at which point driving became unnecessary.

Fast forward to twelve years later, and being able to drive in Manhattan is still unnecessary.  But after years of telling myself I would sign up for driving school, the time is finally here.

Writing a post about something new I want to tackle (like giving up coffee, which I did successfully in June), is always helpful so I know making my learning-to-drive intentions known will help me to take the necessary action to get it done.

I mean look at these images of women behind the wheel, driving and posing in style :



::Sarah, look how comfortable and relaxed you’ll feel…::

That would be my inner voice speaking.

Yes that’s right: before I know it I’ll be able to not only drive, but drive a car of my own if I so choose, complete with extra secure Aviva.ie insurance, dark lipstick, smoky eyes, and feather earrings.  Or a with a fresh face, silver bracelets, and a pink ruffled dress.

In all seriousness, I’m starting to feel more and more confident about this. As I wrote in Tuesday’s post: 2013, let’s do this!



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Author: Sarah Sarna

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