Master Suite, Interior Designer: Carolyn Guttilla


 The Master Bedroom of this 1960’s Morris County ranch home has me thinking about spring. Designed by New York-based Carolyn Guttilla in collaboration with Basking Ridge architect Jonathon Booth, the project is featured in the February-March 2012 issue of New York Spaces Magazine.  The soft palette of greens and blues is fresh and feminine and looks just right with the classic furnishings.

“We wanted this home to look comfortable and well-lived-in—not brand-spanking-new,” says Guttilla, who is an instructor at New York’s Isabel O’Neil Studio, where she teaches artisanal paint-finish techniques.”

Master Suite, Interior Designer: Carolyn Guttilla

“Guttilla bought an unpainted headboard from Louis J. Solomon, had caning inlaid, then painted and glazed it to give it a quiet grayish tone.  A bold beachy stripe defines the duvet.  Night table, J. Louis Solomon.  Bed fabric, Carleton V.  Linens, Restoration Hardware.”

Pale Blue Bedroom, Interior Designer: Carolyn Guttilla





Image Source: Scanned by Sarah Sarna. Photographer: Tim Bell.

Author: Sarah Sarna

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