Amy Bailie and Bryony Shearmur


Founded in 2014 by fellow Londoners Bryony Shearmur and Amy Bailie, THE FOLLOW is a Los Angeles-based wallpaper and textile studio. Designers Bryony and Amy fuse their modern aesthetic with classical still-life subjects, such as landscapes, flowers, and nature’s bounty.

Both are alumni of the prestigious Central St.Martins with foundations in photography and print design. “Each of our prints is based on a unique collection of fine art photographs taken on our travels. Images from LA, London, New York, as far away as Timbuktu have all been recreated as something timeless,” Bryony and Amy say.

“It was important to both of us that we make really beautiful pieces, products that are well made and that tell our story. We want to build a lifestyle brand that embraces both traditional craftsmanship and all things modern. With all the new printing techniques available to us right now our options feel limitless, our imaginations can cut loose and that is exciting. We are at the beginning of a great print adventure!”

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Bryony Shearmur and Amy Bailie, co-Founders at THE FOLLOW Collective, based in Los Angeles.

Pictured: Lilies Wallpaper in Color: White.

Wallpaper Lilies

Author: Sarah Sarna

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  • Awesome interview! I love the pillows in the second picture. Love the different prints on each side.

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