I don’t know about you, but my swimwear wardrobe is somewhat overdue for an update. Here are ten that I’m digging right now.

Grace Kelly in black

Like Grace Kelly in the photo above, I’ve always felt that when it comes to jewelry, less is almost always more.


There’s something so classic about focusing on one, two, or a few simple pieces — rather than an “arm party” or wearing too many pieces at once.

gold knuckle rings

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 In honor of a 25% off online sale going on now through Sunday at The GAP, this week’s “Lifestyle Looks I Love Right Now” features outfits and accessories from the store, plus 4 pairs of shoes to go with. It was fun putting together the outfits from individual items and with 25% off , free shipping, and easy returns in the store, this sale is a great way to prep for the subject of yesterday’s post: Autumn in New York.

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