My first gift guide of the Holiday season is for the handwritten note writer. Such individuals do still exist! In fact, now that electronic correspondence is so prevalent, the handwritten note has greater value than ever before. Today a personal letter is far more special, and its reception more noteworthy. I know this firsthand, as my best friend from high school and I have been pen pals for nearly ten years.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, so it’s definitely time to narrow down and finalize your Mother’s Day gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for something special for your wife, your sister, your grandma, or your mom, these 12 gifts are sure to delight. Click over to check them out and shop. xo, Sarah

Enclosed are 24 “devilishly desirable” Valentine’s gifts “for her” that happen to be really good gifts for women to give themselves this holiday. Or that women can forward to their significant other, if they want to. ::shrugs:: Click over to see them all, plus a few sales, and enjoy football! xo, Sarah

A Father’s Day Gift Guide that appeals to dads of all ages, interests, and, well, moms, sisters, and non-dads too.