It’s snowing!

I wrote this post in preparation for my third annual Manhattan Half Marathon this morning.  I love snow, I love race walking, and I love Central Park, so this race – held late every January – is one of my favorites.

I woke up to the news, however, that “[i]n the interest of safety, and in consultation with NYC Parks and Recreation,”

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Whew! Happy Monday everyone!

Last week was very  light on blog posts because I was in so ready to fall asleep after work each day!  I’m happy to now say that I’m at last starting to feel like myself again after finishing my third marathon in Harrisburg, PA last Sunday 11/11. This is actually the first time I’ve experienced the typical week of post-race fatigue without coffee and I must admit it was a very sleepy series of days.

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I absolutely love this quotation, which happens to be Gabrielle Savoie‘s philosophy on living the life you dream about, and which makes her all the more amazing.

What goal in your life does this apply to? For me it was going out on my own: launching SSID, this blog, and “putting myself out there.” Now that I am a year into    the aforementioned I am so happy and thankful that I had the courage to start.

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