Summer Wardrobe Staples

Hello Everybody!  It’s C.J. from Toe That Line.  Today were talking about those… “summer days driftin’ away to OH those summer nights!”  I’ve gathered up some must-have summer staples that make the transition from day to night seamless and easy so you can enjoy every glorious summer minute.

I started with some summertime basics: destroyed denim, a crop top, and the LWD; and incorporated some other warm weather essentials that you can easily mix and match for tons of awesome combinations!

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DAY // Jeans  //  Tee  //  Sandals  //  Mini Cross Body  //  Sunnies  // Jules Smith Coachella Necklace //

NIGHT // Sheer Blouse  //  Heels  //  Clutch  //  Vanessa Mooney The Fates Ring //


Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.