It’s officially almost summer, and with the change in temperature comes the search for perfect polishes for chic summer nails.

Hey there, it’s Jennifer from Hometown Heroine with my monthly beauty column. It’s officially summer, and tis the season of sandals. With the change in temperature comes the search for your perfect summer nail polish. Whether you gravitate towards playful vivids or chic nudes, I’ve gathered the six designer polishes born for warmer weather.


CHANEL Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in ‘Organdi’

Pale muted pinks are always a good idea. They are classic and feminine. If you have pink undertones, this Chanel Longwear Nail Colour in ‘Organdi’ will be stunning on your complexion. To make it a little more modern, add a matte top coat overtop.


Dior ‘Vernis’ Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in ‘Milly’

If you’re planning a tropical vacation this summer, you need this Dior Long Wear Lacquer in ‘Milly’. Can’t you just see this coral shade catching your eye while snorkeling or while watching the sunset? Shades like this also have a tendency to make your tan look even more stunning.


Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Liquid Nail Lacquer in ‘Lilac Rose’

If you want a modern take on a ladylike polish, try the Dolce & Gabbana Lacquer in ‘Lilac Rose’. Like the Debora Lippmann ‘Blue Orchid’, this pale lilac is an unexpected pop of color. Trust me, you’ll be the only one at the barbeque wearing this shade, and everyone will want it for themselves.


Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in ‘Sugar Dune’

Maybe the colorful polishes aren’t for you. If you like keeping your nails modern and nude, Tom Ford Lacquer in ‘Sugar Dune’ is for you. Your toes will look as chic as you on city streets, or slightly buried the sand.


Debora Lippmann Nail Color in ‘Blue Orchid’

If you’re cool and trendy, maybe this Deborah Lippmann polish in ‘Blue Orchid’ is for you. Can’t you just envision dipping your toes in the pool with this shade? Pale blues are ultra flattering on warm complexions, and are such a trendy surprise.


Christian Louboutin  ‘The Pops’ Nail Colour in ‘Pluminette’

Don’t you just want to sit this Christian Louboutin polish in ‘Pluminette’ on your vanity? Well, it goes great on your nails too. Summer is the one time of year you can get away with such a striking shade, so why not take advantage? This pink is the perfect pop for every skin tone, and every vibrant woman.

xo, Jennifer, Hometown Heroine.

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Author: Jennifer Lieskovan

Jennifer Lieskovan is the editor of Hometown Heroine, a San Francisco-based beauty and style blog. Jennifer writes about her life and the things she loves. Come with her on her journey.