strawberry bruschetta

Happy July, lovelies!  This is Jane from Jane’s Adventures in Dinner, and I’m so glad to be a continuing food columnist here on Sarah Sarna, sharing a new recipe with you every month.

I’m happy that Sarah is happily settled in D.C. now, too.

Being from the North I can’t really imagine the heat, – but what a beautiful city.

This Spring and Summer seem to be busier than ever, and I didn’t quite think that was possible.  I think everyone is feeling it lately.

You would think that it would get a bit slower with me being a teacher and having the summers off but…

Summertime to us means a revolving door of wonderful friends popping in.

I love it.

Time to spend with friends that the school year  just doesn’t let us get around to.

I always need snacks around and of course, I want something pretty to share. When it comes to summer appetizers, this Strawberry Bruschetta is pretty much perfect.

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3 cups of strawberries,
1 tsp cracked pepper (divided)
2 tsp honey
2 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 cup chevre
1/2 cup chopped basil

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Author: Jane Craske

Jane Craske is the editor of Jane’s Adventures in Dinner, a food blog based in Ottawa, Canada. Jane is also a happy, wife, mummy, teacher, and former chef, who loves to cook, drink wine, attempt to be a better photographer, and shop too much.