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I was introduced to Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, the Bronx-based lifestyle bloggers behind Street Etiquette, via the blog of Canadian Interior Designer Nam Dang-Mitchell.

Since founding the Street Etiquette blog in 2008, Mr. Kissi and Mr. Gumbs, both 23,  have been renowned for their contributions to men’s fashion and sought after for their perspectives on all things style.  Posts on Street Etiquette cover the modern and the historical, highlighting fashion styles like the porkpie hat, the saddle shoe, and the wool suit, while the dapper duo model examples of the style and detail its history.  Their posts emphasize their belief in style basics like quality fabrics, diligent tailoring, and thoughtful accessories.

As bloggers, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are stylists and models, writers, preservationists, photographers, editors, designers, and brand consultants.  Not to mention musicians. In their Sartorial Sounds video, below, Kissi and Gumbs illustrate their fondness for both music and fashion: incorporating their and their artist friends’ individual talents for spoken word, rapping, singing, and tap dance.

Don’t be surprised if you listen more than once – I let it go on repeat several times.

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  • Aren’t they amazing?! I was so inspired watching this video and reading their blog in order to write this post. And so young! Many more great things are ahead for these two and their colleagues.

  • Stacey Sheppard

    Wow! Wow! Wow! These guys are totally amazing. My husband will love this too Sarah. What talent for such a young group of people. x