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Hi loves, it’s Jennifer from Hometown Heroine. Being born and raised in California, it is in my DNA to crave bronzed skin. Over the past couple years, I have witnessed my Grandmother struggle with skin cancer due to over exposure to the sun. Her struggle has resulted in me relying on self-tanners to achieve the natural look I desire. I wrote a column for you in March, The Best Self Tanners for Getting Your Glow On, detailing my favorite products, but with this revolutionary new release from St. Tropez, I couldn’t help myself from letting you all share in its grandeur.

The three most common complaints about fake tanning are: It looks orange, it takes too long, and it smells bad. Fret no more my friends, meet St. Tropez’s brand new ‘In Shower Gradual Tan’. I picked this product up last week at the Sephora VIB sale, and Lord; let me tell you, this product has already become a holy grail. Let me walk you through the steps of application.

1. While in the shower, cleanse your skin with whatever normal soap you use.
2. Pat your skin dry when you’re done; this is important if you don’t want streaks (learn from my mistakes).
3. Apply the self tanner to your body like you would any lotion, then whip your hands off (I personally just rub my loofa between my palms).
4. Stand there for three minutes.
5. Rinse the product off.

You heard me right, three minutes (180 seconds to be exact). The St. Tropez “In Shower Gradual Tan” will leave no scent behind, and no sticky residue. This means you can go about your day as you normally would and watch your tan develop over the next few hours. Personally, I shower before bed so I wake up with glowing, happy, and bronzed skin. I did see a result after one coat, but two coats created my ideal color (no orange in sight).

Honestly, the sheer convenience of this product is it’s biggest selling point. Although self-tanning is a part of my weekly routine, some nights I’m just too exhausted to deal with long application times followed by sleeping with the sticky product coating my skin. The fact that St. Tropez ‘In Shower Gradual Tan’ only adds an extra three minutes to my regular routine means I am more likely to keep up with it. I truly believe this product is the new generation of self-tanners coming to life and I can’t wait to test out what other products follow it.



Jennifer from Hometown Heroine

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Author: Jennifer Lieskovan

Jennifer Lieskovan is the editor of Hometown Heroine, a San Francisco-based beauty and style blog. Jennifer writes about her life and the things she loves. Come with her on her journey.