New at Shop Sarah Sarna: blue and white floral Spring bedding, plus 14 beautiful ways to refresh your bedroom.


Harbingers of a new Season, cherry blossoms and budding daffodils announce the approach of the longer, sunnier days and warmer weather of Spring! For me, these sights and sensory experiences of renewal and rebirth which go on outdoors are so pleasurable that I want to bring them right on indoors with me. I do this – not by cutting the daffodils that tempt me in our garden! – but, by refreshing our home décor throughout the house, beginning with Spring Bedding in our bedroom. It’s amazing how something so easy and simple: like changing a duvet cover or sheets, can enliven and brighten a bedroom and give it a completely fresh look and feel. For this reason, I’ve added all new Spring Bedding to Shop Sarah Sarna. Browse the slideshow, and in a comment: let me know which one is your favorite. Mine is the blue allium bedding shown above.

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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