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Sofas under 1000 USD are difficult to find, especially when looking for something stylish that isn’t from IKEA. Maybe you need an inexpensive sofa for a kids’ room, or you’re shopping for your first apartment and you’re a girl on a budget. Perhaps you want to spend less on furniture so that you can splurge on wallpaper. Regardless of the reason, I’ve rounded up a great selection of sofas under 1000, all which happen to be tufted.


I love tufted sofas. Tufting adds comfort, as the tufts are essential extra cushioning — like the pillow-top on a mattress. The tufts also add visual interest to a sofa; an huge expanse of furniture that is anywhere from five feet to eight feet in width. Additionally beneficial: tufted sofas, both when the cushions are loose and are attached, require less straightening, flipping, and fluffing — i.e. lower maintenance. An important note when it comes to a tufted sofa: it should be the only tufted piece of upholstery in the room. Tufting on more than one upholstered piece results in looking silly.


SWEDISH – $900.  A Swedish-inspired sofa n off-white linen with rolled arms, a gently arched back, and turned legs. 81″ Width.

NEO-VICTORIAN – $940.  An inverted camel back sofa references the Victorian style — with an updated look in cream-colored fabric. The pair of seat cushions are reversible and a pair of accent pillows come with. 84″ Width.

TUXEDO – $700.00  A quintessential tuxedo sofa, upholstered in taupe velvet, with dark tapered legs. 77.5″ Width.

MID-CENTURY – $900.  The high armrests, tapered wood legs, and loose cushions make this sofas mid-century inspiration unmistakable. The off-white upholstery provides an update. 83.5″ Width.

CHESTERFIELD – $750.  A bit boxier than a traditional Chesterfield, due to the subtly squared arms. The single bench cushion makes this sofa a more relaxed take on the classic. 77″ Width.

SCANDINAVIAN – $900.  The Scandinavian-inspired silhouette has a petite scale perfect for smaller spaces. 75″ Width.

TUXEDO – $1,000.  A tuxedo sofa with a more modern look, due to the solid base and the deep grey upholstery. 82″ Width.



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Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.

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