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One blink and you have missed it. There isn’t even a stop sign let alone a stoplight! Yet despite its tiny size, some of the best shopping in the Hamptons is located in the tiny hamlet of Amagansett.

Hi, I am Lynn from Decor Arts Now and I am delighted that Sarah has asked me divulge my favorite stylish venues in New York City, its environs, Montauk, and the Hamptons to readers of Live the Life You Dream About. Expect fun shopping tips, stylish eateries, and news about cool art and antique exhibits in my monthly column. Basically, I will fill you in on all the stuff I like to do when I am not writing my own blog, Décor Arts Now.

Let’s get back to Amagansett. You could truly spend all day shopping in the one street town (grabbing a snack at Mary’s Marvelous to keep up your strength) but I am going to feature 4 of the chicests spots.

What I like about each of these stores is that their merch is so stylishly arranged that they are worth a visit even if you can’ t afford to buy a thing—you will leave each one filled with inspiration about either home decorating, your wardrobe or both.


Hamptons Homenature Storefront

Homenature’s look is beach house meets mid-century modern with an emphasis on all things nature-inspired.

Hamptons homenature fish

It’s a go-to for large upholstered items like sofas, chairs and coffee tables, as well as accessories such as art, lamps, pillows, glassware and other smalls.

Hamptons Homenature Painting and Pillows

So you scored a sweet invitation to a Hamptons weekend? Stop into Homenature to hunt for your hostess gift.


Hamptons Lazypoint Storefront

Lazy Point is aptly named after the farthest land reach into Napeauge Harbor.

Hamptons Lazypoint Merchandise

Napeauge is an off-the-radar neighborhood between Amagansett and Montauk, which oozes a Bohemian vibe, and so does the shop.

Hamptons lazypoint collage

Run by the uber cool couple, Brazilian fashion designer Claudja Bicalho and Australian artist Mark Wilson, the store is a mash-up of art, jewelry, unusual clothing and vintage home goods all staged in an eye-catching way.


Hamptons Tiina Sofa

Tiina is where you get your Scandi-love on.  This shop is tightly curated to offer the very best in each category.  You will find Marimekko, Comme de Garcons, Dosa, Ancient Greek Sandals and all sorts of Scandinavian home accessories.

Hamptons tiina collage

This year there is even more reason to stop by.  Dosa’s designer, Christina Kim is celebrating her 30th anniversary with a special art installation at the store.

Hamptons dosa sky

In her niche she installed (with tape!) a ceiling filled with images of the sky that she shot from airplanes.  On the wall are photos of her design process.  So eye catching.


Hamptons wilsonville storefront

Wilsonville is brand spanking new.  It is located in a small barn behind Lazy Point, so it would be easy to miss if you didn’t know it existed. Fortunately I am here to tell you about it. When I poked my head in, there was not a shop keeper in sight, nor any price tags, but the barn was chock-a-block full of vintage finds, both large and small.  Love the huge string art paired with hide butterfly chairs.  And that zig zag rug, come to mama.

Hamptons Wilsonville String Art

One the smaller side was a pile of charming  paint-by-the numbers paintings simply lying on the floor.  This seaside painting was a favorite.

Hamptons Wilsonville Seaside Painting

You can bet that I am going back.


There are so many shopping venues in Amagansett that I couldn’t possibly cover them all.  Two more stores that have been there forever because they are just so good,  are Decorum and Nellies.  Decorum has a traditional vibe with great French antiques and the kind of tableware you would expect Bunny Williams to own.  Nellies is a go-to for fine American Country Antiques.  Sylvestor and Co. is another keeper, offering all types of furnishings for your beach house.  Last but not least, are the shops  on the green.  Except for the Bass outlet (where I scored my classic penny loafers for, um, pennies), these stores tend to turn over frequently.  Still  if you are spending a day in Amagansett, the green is worth a stroll.

Happy Shopping,
Lynn, Decor Arts Now

All photos by Lynn Byrne except for the image of  Claudja Bicalho and Mark Wilson which came from Beach Modern Luxury.

Author: Lynn Byrne

Lynn Byrne is the New York-based editor of Decor Arts Now, a design blog featuring decorative and fine art in the everyday. While Lynn has worn many hats in her day: lawyer, mother, interior designer, and now blogger, she credits her years at Sotheby’s as most influential on her point of view. As a young girl she proclaimed to her parents that she wanted to live a “cosmopolitan life,” and that is just what she does. You can count on Lynn to report on every stylish nook and cranny in her beloved New York City, its environs, Montauk, and the Hamptons.