Tour fashion designer Rachel Roy's elegant home office with hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper, via @sarahsarna.


“André Leon Talley told me that he saw in me a strong, clear point of view and to never change that or mold into something I do not believe. I practice those words daily,” states fashion designer and entrepreneur, Rachel Roy – when asked by One King’s Lane about the best career advice she’s ever received. Ms. Roy explains, “The balance of edge with softness is something that I’m consistently looking for in my work.”


That same balance of edge and softness that Rachel brings to fashion is consistently expressed in her absolutely beautiful home office, photographed by Joe Schmelzer for One King’s Lane. The centerpiece of her space is a show-stopping rough-edged stone Dining Table that is (literally) all edge, surrounded by walls in softly hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper. An edgy turquoise chair made from seat belts sits next to a hand-painted chest that nods to the wallpaper with romantic branching florals, and the tension that creates balance continues.


That consistency of vision is at the heart of Rachel’s new book Design Your Life, which presents design and fashion as a means of transcendence from looking great to becoming great. Raised in a low-income neighborhood of California, Rachel envisioned the life she lives today; affirming her belief that  style can help design the life we want to live. “As a teen, I’d draw the type of glamorous clothes and accessories I longed for. In retrospect I realize that I was a designing the life I wanted and would one day achieve,” she says.

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Tour fashion designer Rachel Roy's elegant home office with hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper, via @sarahsarna.

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Author: Sarah Baynes

Interior Designer and Author at, empowering women to decorate with confidence.

  • Garrott Designs

    Beautiful space! I always admired RR, I had interviewed with her back in 2007 and remember the design office had amazing art work on the walls. I was told that Rachel loved art and used it to provoke a creative work space. When Jones took over, I had interviewed again and the offices were not the same. I am so glad she got her brand back and is living the life and doing the work she loves to do.

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  • I love it; completely agree! x, Sarah

  • What a gorgeous space! She’s got style.