Finding the perfect esthetician for your beauty needs is a game changer, and these are the questions to ask yourself to narrow your search, via @sarahsarna.


Hey there, It’s Jennifer from HOMETOWN HEROINE, here with my monthly beauty column. Over my short 22 years of life, I have gone to many an esthetician. I have excessively bold brows that need a professional touch to tame. Since middle school, I have bounced around at least ten different ladies promising perfect results, and many fell short. Some told me thick brows weren’t a good look, and tried to wax too much off, some made mistakes (bye bye half my brow), and others I just didn’t mesh with on a personal level.

I lucked out a couple of years ago and found my perfect esthetician through a booking mistake. Since that appointment, I refuse to go to anyone else. Even now that I am at college, I drive myself home for the weekend at least once a month just for my eyebrow appointment (and sometimes I throw a facial into the mix too). Here are my tips to finding your esthetician soul mate:


The best way to find a new esthetician is to ask your family and friends. Reach out to people who give you brow-envy, or have similar skin concerns. If they aren’t completely crazy, they will point you in the right direction.


If you already have a facility you like, at each appointment try out a different esthetician. Big spas and salons will usually house a few, so don’t feel like you have to stick to the first one you get. When booking your first appointment, ask the receptionist who the most popular esthetician is, and start there.


Before your appointment, see if they have a social media page. With the rise of the beauty community on websites like Instagram, they may have photos of their work up! See if their clients leave with brows like you want. Does the esthetician do clean and dramatic, or feathered and natural? Which do you prefer?


You wouldn’t go to an accountant that hates their job, so why would you let someone who doesn’t like their job wax you? You want to avoid going to someone who just lines your brows with wax, pulls, and takes your money. Find someone who trims your brows, waxes, and then fine tunes by plucking. In my experience, they cost about the same, but you’ll leave the second esthetician much happier.


Do you like to chitchat, or would you rather relax in silence while your treatment is being done? Make sure that your personality meshes well with your esthetician and that the two of you are on the same page. Nothing is more awkward then being in the dark, while one-person talks and the other is silent. This is especially important if you plan on being a long-term client.


If you are a visual person, you may want to see a menu of available treatment options. If you have specific concerns, finding an esthetician that can tailor a personalized treatment to your needs is a fantastic option. Also, when it comes to facials, are you into the classic treatments, or do you want something more modern that uses new forms of technology? These are definitely questions to ask yourself that will help narrow your search.

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xx, Jennifer from HOMETOWN HEROINE

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Author: Jennifer Lieskovan

Jennifer Lieskovan is the editor of Hometown Heroine, a San Francisco-based beauty and style blog. Jennifer writes about her life and the things she loves. Come with her on her journey.