My Newbie Gardener's Guide to Choosing Perennials with #MonroviaPlants #sp #GrowBeautifully, via @sarahsarna.


On Saturday I talked about looking forward to spending time in my garden this weekend in collaboration with Monrovia Plants. It rained every day last week here in Virginia, so when the sun came out on Saturday and Sunday I seized the weekend as a perfect opportunity to get my newbie gardening on. If you’re a novice gardener like me, my first question was ‘what should I plant?!?’ If you, too, have no idea where to begin, let me tell you about Monrovia and how they hooked me up. They grow the highest quality, healthiest plants that you find at Lowe’s and in your local garden center.


On Saturday morning over breakfast, unsure of what to plant, I started by searching their online plant catalog. The Monrovia site is very. easy. to. browse. I typed in my zip code and it showed me all the plants that will grown in my garden. I found it simple to filter my shopping options and find the right plants with their search tools and tips. I selected ‘perennials’ because I was looking for something that would and will look good year-round, and then ‘sun loving perennials’ because I intend to put the plants on our deck, which gets major sun. The site provided me with almost 50 options in the smallest ‘.75 gallon’ size (I wanted something on the smaller size), so I searched for a nearby garden center, and headed over to browse, poke around, and make up my mind in person.


If you’ve added me on snapchat, you may have been following along on Saturday, before and after my visit to the garden center. You’ll notice this is the mysterious part that I left out!

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The garden center was huge! It was my first time at a place like this and I loved it – it’s gorgeous like the flower district I’ve been to many times in New York, except 10 times bigger – and nothing has been cut! Luckily there was large signage everywhere, so it was very easy for me to locate the perennials section.

My Newbie Gardener's Guide to Choosing Perennials with #MonroviaPlants #sp #GrowBeautifully, via @sarahsarna.

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