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Hello, it’s Tina Ramchandani from Life in Sketch. Every month I’ll be taking you to a new destination and sharing a fabulous design hotel with you. I love to travel and absolutely love to experience new cultures, foods, and scenes. Most of all, I love the hotels! After a long day of walking around a new town you need a special, relaxing place to rest your head. Hotels are more than just a bed, though. They are an experience, something to make your trip just a little bit better.

I thought I would start off the Design Hotels series by sharing one of my favorite hotels with you. Two years ago I had the opportunity to visit Lisbon, which has come to be one of my favorite cities in the world. In addition to the magnificent city, Lisbon offers many small stops just outside of the city borders which can be options for day trips or overnight trips. While in Lisbon we took a quick train ride to Cascais.

Cascais is a 45 minute train ride away and is a former fishing village which also became the royal family’s favorite vacation spot. It’s easy to see why, the views are stunning! One of my favorite parts of Cascais is Boca de Inferno, which translates into the Hell’s Mouth. Because of the waves of the Atlantic many caves and cavities were formed in the rocks, and it’s one of the most beautiful places!

 Farol Hotel

A few minutes away from Boca de Inferno is the Farol Hotel. While in Cascais I was lucky enough to visit both of these places. After a long walk we saw the Farol Design Hotel and were blown away! It’s like something out of a movie! The building was erected in 1890 for the Count of Cabral and contains 33 guest rooms. When you walk into the hotel you see reception, a seating area, and look through both to see the vast Atlantic Ocean.

 Farol Hotel

Each of the guest rooms are uniquely decorated, no two are alike. That’s because each room was “dressed” by Portuguese fashion designers Ana Salazar, António Augustus, Arkadius, Fátima Lopes, Miguel Vieira, Manuel Alves & José Manuel Gonçalves, José António Tenente, Paulina Figueiredo and João Rolo.

 Farol Hotel

 Farol Hotel

While at the Farol we enjoyed some cocktails at the Bar on the Rocks. The view is unbelievable! There is another bar inside the hotel and two restaurants, Sushi Design, headed by Chef Nuande Pekel and The Mix Restaurant with Chef Hugo Silva.

 Farol Hotel

 Farol Hotel

Like most design hotels Farol has a number of private spaces, including the Coconuts. The space can hold 200 – 1500 people. Due to its adjustable walls the space can be made smaller or larger to fit your needs. I’d love to host a party here!

 Farol Hotel

Cascais is one of my favorite towns and Farol is a very special place. I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit today and I hope you get to visit IRL soon! I’ll be back next month with another fabulous design hotel in another fabulous town!

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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  • Stacey Sheppard

    Reading this just makes me realise how much I am in need of a holiday. This place looks absolutely gorgeous and I love hotels where each room is unique. It makes you feel so much more special knowing that it’s not just a cookie cutter approach. At least I know where I’ll be staying if I ever get to Lisbon. Great post Tina!

  • lol, I know! Doesn’t it truly look like paradise? Thanks for the comment, Lois!

  • Renu, I agree!

  • Lois Adelman

    ….and we are in NYC walking in icy rain…really???

  • renu rathore

    butiful.. wow 🙂