Orchid Show
Yes, this is just the first 16-foot high, Blanc-designed, vertical wall of the orchid show, photographed during the evening session. Magnificently lit and suspended above a waterfall, it floors you right at the entrance of the Conservatory.

If you have ever brought an orchid home, encountered one in a friend’s place, in a bouquet, while walking by the deli, or, if you’re lucky, in a garden, you know that they are the most dynamic flower.  An orchid draws attention like no other bloom.

Notice, the next time you’re looking at pinterest or a shelter magazine, how many of the rooms contain orchids, and how this flower brings a space to life. Now imagine an entire verdigris Victorian Conservatory, bursting with thousands upon thousands of orchids.

Orchid Show
The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at The New York Botanical Garden during the day,

Imagine an orchid paradise in a gorgeous landmarked building, surrounded by 250 acres of land set aside in 1891 for the City of New York and curated with European opulence by Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, J. P(ierpont) Morgan and their contemporaries.

All of this is a 30-minute D train ride and 10-minute promenade away from mid-town Manhattan.

Orchid Show
The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at The New York Botanical Garden at night!

All of this is the 10th Annual Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Garden, running just one week more through Sunday April 22nd.

Orchid Show
leaning in for the best view

This year’s guest  show designer is the world-renowned French botanist and artist, Patrick Blanc.  For this event, the United States’ largest and only curated orchid exhibition, the French artist in true avant-garde style, defies gravity with orchid “tapestries,’ – if you will –,  sixteen feet high in the air.

Orchid Show
…these pink ones were drop dead.

Words cannot do the orchid show justice.  You just have to go.  Make the time.  As they say: “Stop and smell the roses”.   In this case: stop and savor the orchids.  It ends this Sunday April 22nd, so plan to take half a personal day this week, visit visit Saturday/Sunday during the day, or go for the super chic Friday/Saturday evening session.  My husband and I went during the day on Saturday and stayed on for the evening show.  It was amazing.

Orchid Show

As additional encouragement, The NYBGarden is offering 20% off  tickets for readers and friends of live the life you dream about.  Click the image below. The garden reached out me with this promotion knowing that I would love the show — and that you will too.

Orchid Show

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