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This is the first Christmas season that I’ve experienced as an adult, in which I’m not in NYC. The holiday spirit lives just as large here in the suburbs of Washington DC, but the outdoor Christmas decorations in our neighborhood fly by so fast. Here we see everything through our car windows while driving by, and it’s just not the same as being able to stand on the pavement, look up, and linger. You know, take an INSTAGRAM, and what not.


On Thursday, Beth and Kristy of DESIGN CHIC, shared the beautiful exterior Christmas decorations of their Beaufort, South Carolina second home, designed in collaboration with Laura of BOLD, BRIGHT, & BEAUTIFUL. It’s just as as traditional and elegant as you would imagine, and immediately I could relate to their words, “You know when you were a kid and there was always THAT house that you begged your mom and dad to drive you by? That one that was all sparkly and lit up? Well, we do too. And we’ve always kind of wanted to have that house.”


I may not be able to stop and linger (i.e. stare)  here in McLean, but I get a gorgeous eyeful every day while I’m out and about. So today I’ve put together 15 homes with to-die-for outdoor Christmas decorations in city to suburban to country settings. Some are very simple, even crafty, and other are decorated with grand pomp and circumstance. All promise to provide that cozy Holiday feeling.



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Author: Sarah Sarna

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