For the second and final day of Holi 2012, I juxtaposed a fashion photograph of a pink powdered cosmetic meant to represent the colored powder of Holi (see yesterday’s post) with a well-known quotation from the former Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue magazine editor, Diana Vreeland.  Her words, with the imagery conjured by yesterday and today’s celebrations work well together in my mind.

Mrs. V, the tastemaker, magazine editor, Costume Institute institution, and New York fashion icon to this day, must have known what she was talking about when she famously observed that “pink is the navy blue of India.”  In the US, particularly the East Coast, and more specifically in New York, navy blue often functions as a wardrobe neutral, as a design “basic,” as a foundation, and as an unexpected alternative to black.  Even the neglected stepsister, perhaps?

Vreeland’s assertion that pink is an Indian neutral may just be spot on, judging from its prevalence in the celebration of Holi and what we  collectively “know” of Indian aesthetics.  Naturally I put together a few images of interiors in which pink is used as a neutral / a background / a foundation, as opposed to as it is more commonly used as an accent.  My go-to-sources for these images were the portfolios of designers known for their masterful employment of saturated hues, including, Miles Redd, Jamie Drake, Mary McDonald.  Links to all of their sites are listed below the image of their work.

A few questions: What do you think of pink as background color?  Do you find it to  “work” in these rooms?  Can you visualize the pink replaced with white or off-white?  How would the overall look compare with said white or off-white?  Would you like the spaces less, or more?

Miles Redd Living Room

Mary McDonald Hallway

Jonathan Adler

While certainly not as vivid as yesterday’s Holi hues, I love these very saturated, very pink, rooms.  Pink is, after all, one of my favorite colors.

Jamie Drake Bedroom

sarah sarna signature

Images Credit(s): / 1 / Image via colorful simplicity with text by Sarah Sarna }/ 2 / Interior Designer: Miles Redd / 3 / Interior Designer: Mary McDonald / 4 /Interior Designer: Jonathan Adler /5 / Interior Designer: Jamie Drake /

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Author: Sarah Baynes

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