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It’s been a while since I’ve done a #nowplaying post, mainly because it’s been a while since I’ve really been listening to music. Thanks to Tina telling me for months (even a year) that I have to sign up for Spotify Premium, I finally did before the holidays and have been listening to music, non-stop ever since.

With all 12 of his albums available, it seems that I’ve been listening to 8 hours + of Jay Z, seven days a week, kicking it off daily with Magna Carta… Holy Grail, Reasonable Doubt (1996), and everything in between – and avoiding The Dynasty (2000). One of my favorites on Magna Carta is track number seven, entitled “somewhereinamerica.” Thanks to I’m able to sing along with and over-analyze all of Jay Z’s music.

magna carta holy grail jay z

“somewhere in America” there are people of all races embracing African-American culture

As paraphrased from Jay Z’s interview with Elliot Wilson,”somewhereinamerica,” is about racism still being alive in America. As the artist explains, however, “somewhere in America” there are people of all races embracing African-American culture: wanting to be more tan, and twerking, as Miley Cyrus is famously known to do so well. The practical takeaway is that racism is difficult to teach when your child is connected to African-American culture.

Shout out to old Jews and old rules
New blacks with new stacks
I already been the king
Retro act, I’m just bringing it back like Jordan Packs
New money, they looking down on me
Blue bloods they trying to clown on me
You can turn up your nose high society
Never gone turn down the homie
Knock knock I’m at your neighbor house
Straight cash I bought ya neighbor out
You should come to the housewarming
Come and see what your new neighbor ’bout (scrr)
Yellow Lambo in the driveway
A buck thirty-five, I’m on the highway
Frank Sinatra on my Sonos
Loud as f***, I did it my way
A million sold before the album dropped
White Lexus before I had a deal
Ask Bun B about me
This ain’t no snap back, a n**** been trill
By the way, f*** your math
You ain’t gotta count it my n**** I can add
1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 20 million
Oh, I’m so good at math
Might crash ya Internet
And I ain’t even into that
When I was talking Instagram
Last thing you wanted was your picture snapped
Feds still lurking
They see I’m still putting work in
Cause somewhere in America
Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’

Twerk, twerk (Miley, Miley)
Only in America

somewhereinamerica lyrics

Love it. Have you heard any of the other tracks from Jay Z’s latest album? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.

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Lyrics: Rap Genius

Photo Credits: The Source, Magna Carta Holy Grail. and Rolling Stone.

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