Get ready to shop brand-new Fall fashion arrivals at super-sale prices during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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It’s July, which means it’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale month. One week from today the best sale of the year begins: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.* To be sure you’re ready, I’m sharing (a.) everything you need to know about the NSALE, (b.) my top #NSALE shopping tips, and (c.) the most important Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dates. Timing is everything.

Get ready to shop brand-new Fall fashion arrivals at super-sale prices during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


WHAT IT IS? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is hands-down the. best. sale of the year. For a limited time it’s a unique opportunity to purchase the newest and highest-in-demand items for the upcoming Fall and Winter season at shockingly discounted prices. In other words, all the things you need for Fall, Back to School, Winter, and the Holidays (for your whole family: women, men, kids, and the home) are discounted up to 70% off! Retailers usually offer items on sale as a season is ending, however, during this exclusive event, Nordstrom slashes their prices ahead of the season. This refreshing reversal makes the NSale absolutely unparalleled, as Fall and Winter wardrobe items are significantly bigger investments than Spring and Summer apparel: i.e. coats, boots, and sweaters are much pricier than shorts and sandals.

WHEN IS IT? The public sale runs July 21- August 8, – unless you are a Nordstrom Card Holder*. Nordstrom Card Holders have access to the NSale 8 days earlier than the general public: early access for Card Holders begins next Thursday July 13th. In full disclosure, I don’t like store cards, but for the past 2 years I’ve been a Nordstrom Card Holder for. the. very. purpose. of early access to the NSale.

HOW DO I BECOME A CARD HOLDER? Becoming a Card Holder is free, not-to-mention easy, and if you get approved before, Saturday July 9th, you’ll receive up to a $20 credit to shop* the sale when it begins on the 13th – i.e. a week from today (Thursday). If you prefer not to open a credit card, sign up for the Nordstrom Debit Card, which also grants you early access to the sale on July 13th. The debit card will link to your personal debit account and is used just as you would your normal debit card. Worth it.

WHAT BRANDS ARE INCLUDED IN THE SALE? AG, Alexander Wang, Alice + Olivia, AllSaints, Bobbi Brown, BP., Clinique, Current/Elliott, Diane Von Furstenberg, Drybar, Elizabeth & James, French Connection, Frye, Halogen, Hinge, Kate Spade New York, Kendra Scott, Kiehl’s, Laura Mercier, Madewell, Michael Kors, Michele, NARS, Paige, Rag & Bone, Rebecca Minkoff, Sam Edelman, Splendid, Topshop,  Vince., Vince Camuto, and many, many more. Items included in the sale are not announced in advance, but you can get an idea via the preview catalog here*.

BOOKMARK THIS —>: my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites page will be updated throughout the NSale. On the morning of Thursday July 13th, when early access opens, my favorite fashion, beauty, and home items will be live there. Think of it as your go-to URL for the Sale, add it to you bookmarks, and check back frequently. I’ll be doing a whole series on my favorite NSale items for men, women, and kids, with my favorites page as a one-stop shop.

Get ready to shop over the knee boots at super-sale prices during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


KNOW THE DATES. Early access for Nordstrom Card Holders* begins next Thursday July 13th (8 days earlier than access for Non Card Holders). Access for Non Card Holders runs July 21st through August 8. PRO TIP: If you are a Card Holder, log in and start shopping on the 13th. If you are a Non Card Holder, log in on the 13th and start adding items to your Wish List (click the box below ‘Add to Bag’ on each product page that says ‘Add to Wish List’). Non Card Holders will not be able to purchase NSale items until July 20th, but already having the items you want on your Wish List will give you a head start and an advantage, as sale quantities are limited.

MAKE A BUDGET. Seasoned shoppers save up all year for the #NSale and know exactly how much they are able to spend. Before the sale begins, make a list of items you would like to add to your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Next to each item, write down the maximum amount you want to spend. If you never purchase denim over $100, write $100 next to ‘black jeans.’ If you know would like a pair of over the knee boots and you are partial to designer boots, you might write ‘$600.’ One of the many wonderful things about Nordstrom is that for any given item they have a wide range of price points. You could, for instance, purchase a pair of slippers for $50 or $500, depending on your preference. Once you have listed the items you would like, tally up the total, i.e. the maximum you want to spend. Evaluate the total and start adjusting the budget, accordingly. If the total is too high, plan to spend less per item, or subtract items. If the total seems too low… well, that’s probably unlikely. When you feel comfortable with the total amount and the items on the list, you’ve finalized your budget – the trick is to stay within it. If you are blanking on Fall items because it’s still July, here are:

Note: Items that Sold Out Quickly Last Year:
Tall Boots
Over the Knee Boots
Crossbody Bags
Designer Handbags
Shearling Coats
Cargo Jackets
Tory Burch everything: Sweaters, tops and handbags

Note: Fall Trends + Family Items
Velvet and Satin
Ruffle Details
Corset Details
Bomber Jackets
Winter White
Street-Style Sneakers
Updated Denim
Men’s shirts
Men’s Jeans
Girls Dresses
Girls Jeans
Girls Tops

THINK INVESTMENTS. Think big. If you’re going to buy a new coat, watch, or handbag, why not get them on sale? The #NSale is a rare opportunity to buy designer items at far below retail price. From that luxury fragrance you’ve always wanted to own, to iconic watches and handbags, be prepared to see them at shockingly reduced prices. Really take the time to think about items that can elevate your wardrobe and be worn for decades to come. If you add ‘designer shoulder bag’ to your budget, evaluate items that may not have staying power or are trending. Perhaps it makes sense to cross off those items in favor of forever pieces.

THINK GIFTS. I know the Holidays seem really far away, and way too early to shop for, but, quite frankly, they’re not. The #NSale is an ideal time to purchase items for upcoming birthdays, weddings, showers, anniversaries,… and the Holidays. Take a look at your calendar and see what you have coming up, and who you’ll want to give gifts to. Then add ‘gift for so-and-so’ to your budget, and how much you want to spend. Tinker with your budget accordingly.

PLAN YOUR TIME. Once you’ve finalized your budget, once more for good measure, assess how much time it will take you to select, say, the right pair of black jeans under $100. Write ‘0.25’ for 15 minutes, ‘0.5’ for 30 minutes, etc. next to each item. Add up alllll the time it’s going to take you and then be thankful that you’ll be able to do it at your leisure from the privacy of your home, or wherever you like to online shop. Next, pull out your calendar and figure out the earliest possible time you can begin shopping this sale. As I mentioned earlier, I suggest that whether you are a Card Holder or not, to start adding items to your Wish List on July 13th. Card Holders will be able to place an order on the 14th and Non Card Holders will be able to place an order on July 21st. Chances are, shopping the #NSale will take you several hours. Rather than waiting to place one comprehensive order, remember that shipping at Nordstrom is always free and that items will be selling out more quickly than you might think. If you keep in mind that an item in your Shopping Bag is not yours until you finalize order, and that it can still be sold to another customer (it’s happened to me many times – when you go to place the order the item will say ‘No longer available’), a best practice is to place multiple smaller orders, versus shopping for a few hours one day, leaving items in your Shopping Bag, and then picking up where you left off the next day, for example. If you’ve allotted 30 minutes to find black jeans and those 30 minutes are up, move on to the next item on your budget. Don’t get side-tracked or spend too much time looking for one piece – stay focused and refer to your budget (keep it right next to you) often, as you shop. As we all know, it’s so easy to fall down a rabbit hole and lose track of time while online.

MEASURE YOURSELF. Get a sewing tape measure*. Measure your bust, waist, hips, and inseam, and write down these measurements in inches. Every article of clothing has its own size chart. Make sure to cross-reference your measurements with the chart. Even within the same brand, sizes differ, so you have to check every time. To save yourself tremendous time and stress, don’t assume that your usual size is the correct size.

SHOP EARLY. I’m going to continue to emphasize this, because the early bird does get the worm. Early Access, which begins on this Thursday July 13th, is prime time. Card or no card, head to* on Thursday and start Shopping or Wish Listing. Worth it. PRO TIP: bookmark my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites page, which I’ll be updating throughout the #NSale. On the morning of July 13th, when Early Access opens, my favorite fashion, beauty, and home items will go live there. Think of it as your go-to URL for the Sale, add it to you bookmarks, and check back frequently. I’ll be doing a whole series on my favorite #NSale items for men, women, and kids, with my favorites page as a one-stop shop.

BUY ONLINE, STORE PICK UP. One of the nicest ways to shop Nordstrom is to choose the “Buy Online, Store Pick Up” option. What’s better than getting your sale items the same day AND avoiding the crush at the store? Nordstrom emails you when your order is ready. Then you just go to the first counter you see, request your items and walk out happy! NOTE: Some stores also have Curbside Pick Up. (Items not available in your store still have free shipping and free returns.)

CHECK HERE FOR NEW ITEMS. New items will be added every day my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites page so be sure to check it often for the latest and greatest from the sale. Think of it as your go-to URL for the Sale, add it to you bookmarks, and check back frequently. I’ll also be doing a whole series on my favorite NSale items for men, women, and kids, with my favorites page as a one-stop shop.

Get ready to shop brand-new Fall fashion arrivals at super-sale prices during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


Thursday JULY 13 – Early Access begins

Thursday JULY 20 – Early Access final day

Friday JULY 21 – Public access begins

Sunday AUGUST 6 – Last day of sale

I’ll remind you the day the sale begins and share my favorites along the way. You can see posts with my favorites from previous years here.












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