Nam Dang-Mitchell in LR

I’ve admired the work of Calgary-based interior designer, Nam Dang-Mitchell of Nam Dang-Mitchell Design, forever (…years). Her blog has turned me on to new music as well as drawn me back to artists I’ve favored in the past, all via the music and videos that she juxtaposes with fashion and interior design images in a beautiful, even poetic way on her site. When I recently chanced upon her instagram account after liking her style for so long, I knew I it was time to send her an email and ask her for an interview. Below I’ve embedded an image that I recently posted of her home conservatory, papered in a hand-painted chinoiserie print. When you see it, you understand why my reaction to it was “okay, I need to be in touch with this woman – now!” I’m so pleased to have Nam here today to share with you on SARAH SARNA!


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NDM: Nam Dang-Mitchell, designer, Calgary.

Nam Dang-Mitchell Showhome Living Room

Author: Sarah Sarna

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