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Hello everyone! Kimberly here from Kimberly Lewis Home. I’m excited to be contributing interior design posts for SARAH SARNA. I am always on the lookout for patterns to layer in rooms and create depth and conversation. Recently I’ve been drawn to toile wallpaper, previously I had overlooked it as a bit too traditional for my taste but it seems as though  rules were meant to be broken! Typically a classic toile consists of a repeated pattern in a traditional colorway featuring a complex and intricate detailed scene, which often depicts the countryside. These days designers are taking toile one step further, this is not your grandmothers toile! Designers are really stepping out of the box and putting modern twists on a once very traditional pattern. They are playing with scale, color, and the pushing the boundaries with subject matter. Here are my favorite top 10 modern toile patterns that show that anything and everything goes these days.


Flavor Paper Wythe Toile

Flavor Paper’s Wythe Toile is both delicate and gritty. A tribute to the sights and scenes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and commissioned for its namesake The Wythe Hotel.


Timorous Beastie Hunting Toile

Timorous Beastie’s Hunting Toile brings a masculine flair with punchy colors


Andrew Martin’s Timbuktu

Andrew Martin’s Timbuktu fabric has a soft painterly quality that softens the scene.


Flat Vernacular Toile de Derby

Flat Vernacular brings an edgy spin to toile in their Toile de Derby.


Parisian toile

A whimsical Parisian toile with child-like charm, c’est magnifique!


Flavor Paper Brooklyn Toile

Commissioned by Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys, Flavor Paper’s Brooklyn Toile pays tribute to all things Brooklyn.


Large Scale Toile Wallpaper

Scale takes a traditional toile to a modern level as seen in LivingEtc.


Manuel Canovas toile

Manuel Canovas breathes new life into their toile collection with pops of color


Timorous Beastie Edinburgh

Timorous Beastie’s Edinburgh Toile seems pretty and prim from a distance, but look closer and it reveals a grittier perspective of the city.


Thibaut Carnival wallpaper

Thibaut’s Carnival wallpaper and fabric would add just the right amount of whimsy to a nursery, playroom or even powder room

What is your take on toile?  Too traditional or love the modern spin?

See you in August!

xo, Kimberly, Kimberly Lewis Home

Author: Kimberly Lewis

Kimberly is the founder and principal designer of Kimberly Lewis Home, a Brooklyn based wallpaper and home decor company. Kimberly believes in coy color, punchy patterns, socially conscious design and is always scouting New York City for the hottest design trends. Kimberly’s design work can be seen on the walls of seaside summer homes, NYC brownstones, department stores worldwide and even in the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum. Besides living and breathing design Kimberly can often be found with her head buried in a good book, volunteering with the New York Junior League or chatting on the phone for far too long with her great Aunt Barbie.