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Hi, it’s Jennifer from Hometown Heroine, back with my monthly beauty column. So the other day while shopping with a friend of mine, I pointed out an adorable metallic skater skirt. The first thing my friend said when she saw it was “That would be so cute for the holidays!” That got me thinking. A lot of times when the holidays roll around we all start searching for those perfectly glamorous metallic garments to wear to Christmas parties with the family and New Years with our friends. Personally, I am generally in neutrals (i.e. mostly black), so I was trying to think of a way I could mix metallic elements into my holiday look. The answer is with makeup, a lá metallic eyeshadow.

you need to try a metallic eye

A while back I learned a trick that I have been waiting to pull out of my hat. If you give one spritz of MAC Fix + to eyeshadows, it increases the pigment and makes the color more vivid. But here’s my trick. I take an already insanely pigmented eyeshadow and use the MAC spray to create a metallic look. You don’t have to use an expensive shadow to create the effect either! Urban Decay shadows look flawless with this technique, as do the little Color Tattoo Pure Pigments from Maybelline.

emerald eyeshadow


MAC Fix + is generally used to set your full face of makeup and the full size bottle sells for $22 (3.4oz) but if you just want to use it for this holiday season, you can purchase a travel size for just $10. All you have to do is spray it onto your regular brushes and pick up some shadow. You do have to let each layer dry before continuing, but it only takes about a minute. Then when you’re done just blend the layers as usual. For just a touch of metallic, use an angled brush to apply a thin line in place of a eyeliner. Use a highly pigmented silver or gold for an eye-catching detail.

you need to try a metallic eye

I know quite a few of us ladies have the Urban Decay Naked palettes. For $54 you can get a palette of 12 matte and metallic shadows. I’ve had my Naked 2 palette for over a year and it barely looks like I’ve touched it. You can purchase the shadows individually, but it is a better deal to get one of the three Naked Palettes. They are great for everyday looks, but since they are highly pigmented you can really play with them. By using Fix+ on the metallic shadows you can get insanely beautiful metals.

you need to try a metallic eye

From left to right, the metallic shades in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette are: Half Baked (gold), Bootycall (champagne), Chopper (rose gold), Snakebite (bronze), Suspect (taupe), Pistol (gun metal), Verve (silver), YDK (cool bronze), and Busted (sable brown). With these nine shades, you can truly create any shockingly beautiful holiday look you can imagine.

you need to try a metallic eye

If you’re only interested in rocking this look a handful of times, there are other options. I really love Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments. They are incredibly inexpensive at $3.49 each and pop a whole lot of pigment. These don’t have the creaminess of the Urban Decay shadows, but they are more eye-catching. The pigments only reach their full potential when used with the MAC fix+ (in my opinion). So, if you’re looking for a good deal on fantastic holiday makeup, these are your friends.

you need to try a metallic eye

My favorite pigments for this metallic look are from top to bottom: 50 Forest Fatale (emerald), 35 Breaking Bronze (deep gold), 55 Barely Brazen (opal) and 40 Improper Copper (deep copper). The three neutrals are great for everyone. The shades are universally flattering. Forest Fatale is best used in small doses. I would recommend it as a liner instead of a full shadow.

bronze eyeshadow

Have fun with more than holiday fashion this season! Experiment with your makeup, too. Let your eyes shine bright at every gathering or just use touches for an everyday look. Instead of rocking just a red lip like everybody and their mother, show them how chic you are with fabulously festive eyes!

liya kebede in green eyeshadow

See you in December!

Jennifer, Hometown Heroine

Image Credits: Editorial image via Haute Makeup Artistry. Editorial image of Daria Werbowy via The Daria Files. Editorial image of Mona Johannesson via The Place. Editorial image of Liya Kebede via Fashion Gone Rouge. All other  images by Jennifer Lieskovian.

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