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I first had the pleasure of meeting photographer, interior designer, and blogger Courtney Price in New York during last year’s Fall Fashion Week with Brizo Faucet.

As everyone who knows of Courtney knows, she has a way with words, interiors, people… and a camera!  She is an excellent portrait photographer, with the ability to capture individuals during their best split seconds, usually without them even realizing it.

In this case, we were both on our way into the Jason Wu post-show-party when she said something like, “wait… stand there, put your hand on your hip, do this, do that, etc.” Then we went in.  A few days after the event she emailed me those moments that I’d forgotten she had even captured.  Here they are.

Thank you, Courtney!

Sarah Sarna NYC Interior Designer

Sarah Sarna NYC Interior Designer

Sarah Sarna NYC Interior Designer

I had to add them to my About page!

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  • Thanks Stacy!!!

  • Stacy Naquin

    Lovely model, lovely photographer!

  • Hahaha, thanks Stacey! Standing on the grate was actually very tricky!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Hi Michele, great memories – what a fun time we all had with Brizo! Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

  • Stacey Sheppard

    Wow, lovely pics you two!! How you managed to stand on that grate in those heals Sarah, I’ll never know! x

  • I remember that day! Cute dress!Great pics!

  • Thank you Marilyn!

  • you are rocking that dress Sarah!!!

  • Aw! Thanks Courtney! You are an amazing photographer! Great memories.

  • lol – thanks Stacy!!

  • Cutie!!!

  • I love these! I had forgotten about them too. What a fun event that was.