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With a week to go before Thanksgiving, it’s pretty much time to take stock of your home’s man cave. Every guy needs a space that’s just his own to relax and recharge, filled with everything he enjoys — and free of anything belonging to anyone else in the home. This need for a retreat is particularly heartfelt over holiday weekends like Thanksgiving, filled with major football games — as well as the stress of family gatherings. It’s now or never: in other words, now is the time to make sure that the sanctuary for the guys’ (a.k.a. the man cave) is stocked and ready to go for the Holiday.


To help your guy(s) feel as comfortable and cozy as they can, there are several basic man cave requirements.

  1.  A PROJECTOR SCREEN OR LARGE TV SCREEN (60″ or above). The larger the screen, the closer the action appears, so the bigger, the better.
  2. COMFORTABLE SEATING. Comfortable, plush seating that is large in scale is ideal. Being able to swivel, recline, and stretch out is a plus.
  3. A SNACK / BAR AREA. A designated area for snacks and beverages is important, and one that includes a small sink and refrigerator is best.
  4. ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING. Lights that can be dimmed when the film or game begins, and raised as needed are a must.
  5. MASCULINE ACCESSORIES. The man cave is where items with sentimental value that might seem out of place elsewhere in the home should be on full display. Childhood action figures, baseball cards, sports medals and whatever else has special meaning should be thoughtfully organized and accessible for view.
  6. PROXIMITY TO A POWDER ROOM. Rather than trekking across the house (into foreign territory!), a nearby man-cave-designated half bath is essential the space’s feeling of sanctuary.

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Image via  Song of Style. Interior Design by Mark Cunningham.

Mark Cunningham Masculine Study

Author: Sarah Sarna

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