Original content makes the most memorable posts, as my favorite designers, tastemakers, and bloggers all know. I have so much respect for the online authors I follow, and really appreciate when they share their homes, client projects, and personal struggles with me and their readers. Here is my design, fashion, and lifestyle link love from the week.


Vogue took us behind-the-scenes to Aerin’s dressing room as she got ready for the Met Ball, Oscar deLa Renta dress and all. I love Aerin’s aesthetic, so this feature was a real treat. vogue.com

aerin lauder met ball


Christine presented her One Room Challenge reveal, and it knocked my socks off. Her interior design of the room is absolutely phenomenal, and just wait until you see the (shocking) before pics. christinedovey.com

christine dovey one room challenge


Anne very bravely let us in on the very difficult time she has had since December with depression and anxiety, and on how much her Bikram Yoga 60-Day Challenge has helped. This is an amazing post that really touched and inspired me. annesage.com

emily johnston instagram


Sue shared recent zhushes she’s made to her home, as chronicled on her instagram feed. This image made it to the front page of Domaine Home. thezhush.blogspot.com

the zhush


Erin of Elements of Style chatted with Jess about how she is learning to understand that her perfectionism isn’t entirely a bad thing. I listened to the 38 minute podcast from start to finish. jesslively.com

erin gates perfectionism

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