Lemon Yellow Kitchen cabinets by Julie Hayes

Lemon yellow kitchen cabinets look amazing in this kitchen by Dallas interior designer Julie Hayes (no website).  Notice the beautiful curved coffered ceiling and the brass-trimmed kitchen hood mixed with the contemporary lighting and industrial stools – a gorgeous mix.

Hope you’ve had a great week.  I am finally almost recovered from the flu that had me down for two weeks and I’m starting to get caught up on things, so look out for more regular posts next week in addition to our bite-sized Dream Dailies.

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PS – Let me know what you think of the yellow kitchen cabinets in this kitchen.  Too much? Perfect?

Image / Interior Design: Julie Hayes, via Splendid Sass /

Author: Sarah Sarna

Interior Designer and Author at SarahSarna.com, empowering women to decorate and dress with confidence.

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  • Hi Donna, Thank you for sharing your great eye with us on this interior! I love the coffered ceiling and ceiling details too!

  • Elaine, bright yellow laminate sounds intense! These lemon cabinets are definitely bold as well! Thanks for your always great comments.

  • RHome410

    2 weeks! Awful. I hope you’re truly on the mend and will fully recover quickly.

    The yellow is a little much for me. Doesn’t help that we had similarly colored cabinets in a previous home… But they were bright yellow laminate and the royal knobs and floral royal border around the soffit sure didn’t help. Just hits a bad memory nerve. 😉 I could go with butter or butterscotch… but the more intense lemon is just a tad too strong. Beautiful kitchen, overall, though!

  • You’re welcome, Courtney! So many amazing interior designers in Dallas – including you!

  • Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by! Donna also comments below that the floor seems like an after thought – your thoughts? The stools are not as glam as the rest of the details, for sure.

  • Julie Hayes is so talented. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous kitchen, Sarah!

  • Donna Vining

    Lemon yellow can be a hard color to tackle because of it’s chroma intensity, but this shade is a nicely “subdued” if you will hue. I wouldn’t put this in my kitchen, but appreciate it. The coffered ceiling and ceiling details are stunning, but the flooring material looks like an after thought (like there wasn’t enough in the budget for something spectacular).

    Glad you are feeling better! Have a great weekend!

  • Lemon yellow kitchen — love it except for the floor and the industrial stools.