Tour this lovely Lakeside Getaway on Wisconsin's Green Lake, designed by Summer Thornton:

In the opinion of Chicago Interior Designer Summer Thornton, summer weekends are meant to be spent lakeside. Join me for a tour of the lovely 8,000SF Green Lake, WI vacation home she designed, with exactly this sentiment in mind!


Of this colorful lakeside getaway that she decorated, Summer Thornton writes,

“For me, weekends in the summer are meant to be spent by the lake. It recharges me, fuels new ideas, and is a great break from the busy city during the week. There’s nothing better than sitting by the water reading a glossy magazine.

So when we were asked to help create a weekend getaway fit for entertaining friends & family, I couldn’t wait to get started. Plus, the homeowner loves color & pattern almost as much as I do, so we layered the home with a riot of color and pattern to make it almost as colorful as her vibrant personality. I mean look at those sofa’s in blue and white ikat with Le Tigre pillows flanked by the red floral chairs – makes my heart race! Check it out in [the July/August 2017 issue of] House Beautiful … !

The editor’s letter aligned with my viewpoint – she said, “the most refreshing rooms are the ones in which the owner’s individuality speaks louder than conventional beauty.” I hope this project inspires you to go beyond the expected, to live life colorfully, & to show off your individuality in your own home. Now go get the magazine so you can see the rest of the house (and read it while you’re at the lake this weekend)!

Special thanks to everyone who helped make the home look so beautiful during design, construction, and this feature: Photography by Thomas Loof, courtesy of House Beautiful. Architecture by McCormack + Etten. Construction by Burg Homes. Thanks to the entire team at House Beautiful including Sophie Dow for featuring it, Doretta Sperdutto for her styling, & Haley Chouinard for pulling everything together!”


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Tour this lovely Lakeside Getaway on Wisconsin's Green Lake, designed by Summer Thornton:

Author: Sarah Sarna

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