On Thursday evening, my husband and I attended a panel discussion with Marianne and Kore Yoors, wife and son of the late artist Jan Yoors (1922-1977), held at the mid-century-furniture-mecca that is reGENERATION‘s Renwick Street location.

reGENERATION and I were recently been in an article for InteriorConnector’s Decor Basics column together, but I hadn’t been to the SoHo gallery in far too long.  Thursday evening was not a night to take a look around, however.  The large storefront was absolutely packed with an outpouring of guests enthused to hear Marianne and Kore Yoors speak and to learn more about Jan Yoors’ work.

With at least half of the crowd standing, DH and I were lucky to find seats.  We did not have the best view of the slideshow presentation though.  Able to see only snippets of the visuals, we listened instead — and enjoyed essentially a live podcast.  A fantastic one at that.

When we arrived home later that evening, wondering what I hadn’t been able to see, I went to JanYoors.com. There I was able to linger and look at the beautiful work of  this writer, painter, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor, and tapestry master to my heart’s content.

While all of Yoors’ work is exquisite, I am absolutely in love with his drawings and paintings.  I have included a small selection of standouts here.

Barbara on Blue (1956, 30″ x 48″) on the left and Dancing Figure on a Yellow Background (1958, 24″ x 66″) at right


 Just as in the two portraits above, the eyes of each of these women are so simply depicted, yet so expressive and quite hypnotic.

Luludja with Samovar (1958, 48″ x 54″)


 Yoors’ choice of color and composition in Luludja (above) and Girl on Vermillion Background (below) might make these my two favorite paintings of his.

Girl on Vermillion Background (1956, 48″ x 36″)


Georgette with Necklace (1958, 60″ x 24″)


 The following are all untitled drawings by the artist.  Their sizes are unclear.

untitled drawing


untitled drawing


untitled drawing


untitled drawing

 Stunning, no?  Which ones are your favorites?

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Photo Credit(s): Jan Yoors

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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