Flipping through a vintage (Jan 2004!)  issue of Architectural Digest, I came across photographs taken by Deborah Turbeville of Ostankino Palace in Moscow.  

Completed in 1798, the Palace was built as a summer residence and private opera theater for the Sheremetev family.  To this day, it remains the third-largest wooden building in the world, with a beautifully intact. and evocative, interior.

Completely taken with it, I had to take a moment to share these snaps with you.  Aren’t they gorgeous?! What romance – and what blues.


To read the full article “Deborah Turbeville in Russia: The Photographer Captures the Romance of Ostankino Palace,” complete with quotations from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, editor of Turbeville’s book Unseen Versailles, enjoy: here.

Images / photographs taken by Deborah Turbeville, via Architectural Digest /


Author: Sarah Sarna

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