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It’s hard to believe that pinterest launched less a year ago, in March of 2011.  In such a short time it has become a site and source of inspiration that I visit every day.  When I read blog posts over coffee before work in the morning, I use the “pin it” button I downloaded (or is it “uploaded”?) to my browser to save images I like.  Whenever I want a visual, whether for a client presentation or a blog post, I click to pinterest.  I either enter what I’m looking for into the search field, or I go straight to an image I remember filing to one of my boards.  I now shop on the site as well.  I need a settee?  Found a link to a great one on pinterest.  I was working on client budget last week and none other than pinterest helped me to expedite it.

‘Nuff said:  I find the site indispensable and enjoyable to use.

About a week ago, one of the blogs I subscribe to: Here in This House, published an excellent article entitled, “Pinterest: 10 People to Follow.”  Six of the ten were new to me and all ten are fantastic.   Inspired by the HITH post, I thought of six pinners off the top of my head that “fellow pinners” should know about if they don’t already.

Ta-daaa, I have them here: in sequence only by the number of pins they have.

{ Pinterest Screenshots by Sarah Baynes Sarna }



cloth and kind {krista nye schwartz}


Jennifer Mehditash of Dec-a-Porter


Regina Garay


{ Pinterest Screenshots by Sarah Baynes Sarna }



Morgan Pederson


Doug & Gene Meyer


Ericka Johnson


All have (a) an excellent eye for color, contrast, and detail, (b) a playful sense of humor, and, of course: (c) an ace aesthetic.

Hope you enjoy these pinboards as much as I do.

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Author: Sarah Baynes

Interior Designer and Author at SarahBaynes.com, empowering women to decorate with confidence.