the roaring twenties film

I fell in love with a film buff.

When we met, I told him I didn’t like movies… didn’t watch them. And, of course, as in all good stories: we’re married now.  And we LOVE film.  It inspires me: the stories, the set design, the costume design.

Last night we watched actress Priscilla Lane start opposite one of our favorite actors, James Cagney, in The Roaring Twenties (1939) – an iconic gangster crime thriller you don’t want to miss.  I don’t want to write about the plot because I want you to see it!

Often while watching, I’ll exclaim something, grab my phone or ipod, ask him to rewind, and snap a few stills.  In this case my photos are of Priscilla Lane’s character Jean Sherman, while she performs at the Panama Club in a gown designed by Milo Anderson.

 The plumes cascading down her arms (above) reminded me of an image of a boutique interior I had seen with a lot of lucite, white, and similar plumes spilling from the back of a side chair (below).  I had to share!

louis chair with feathers

PS – Parting image: a link to a gown similar to Pricilla Lane’s in the film, designed by Givenchy: here.

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