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Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we have the third installment of my February 2013 ‘How I Got Married Twice’ series!  I started with How I Met My Husband, followed by How I Got Engaged,  How We Developed Our Wedding Concept, and How We Chose Our Wedding Venue.  Today’s focus is on how we chose our Wedding Save The Date.

Once we knew the St. Regis would be our wedding location, we began thinking about our Save The Date.  Rather than mailing cards, Vikas and I decided that we would send a card image via email.  We wanted the Save The Date to be in keeping with our ‘vintage romance of Paris in New York‘ concept, and to inspire “the formal prettiness” that we envisioned for our day. I remember looking over the St. Regis brochures that we had brought home from our visit with Matthew, and tracing my finger over the raised gilt monogram of the hotel on the pamphlet cover.  See a screenshot of the digital representation, below:

The St. Regis New York Logo

Inspired, I wanted to keep the shape of the monogram, but soften the overall look (maybe lighten the gold to more of a champagne color that I love), enlist our married initials (but in a more florid and feminine font), and suggest cream-colored paper and gilt edging.

This is what we came up with! In pink the text felt more playful and we knew that there was plenty of time to refine and button up the formality of the stationary, not to mention, before that, to select a stationer! 😉

Sarah Sarna Wedding Save The Date

The result was a Wedding Save The Date that was quick and easy to distribute, as well as formal, romantic, and everything we were looking for.

Dear readers, I hope you’re having a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and in the next series installment: meet our wonderful wedding planners!






Images / Hotel logo via The St. Regis / Save The Date design by Sarah Sarna /

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