How We Developed Our Wedding ConceptBarbara Stanwyck in The Lady Eve

Welcome to the first installment of my ‘How I Got Married Twice’ series.  As a preface to the series, I started with How I Met My Husband, followed by How I Got Engaged. Now in order to cover our two weddings on two continents, I have 14 posts in store, scheduled to air throughout the month. I hope you’ll continue to follow along with these stories, which I am enjoying sharing for the first time with my husband and my families, friends, and LTLYDA’s wonderful readers. Thank you for all of your positive feedback, email, and lovely comments! Now, here we go with my first installment: How We Developed Our Wedding Concept.

Being asked by the love of your life if you will marry them is a surreal, exhilarating, completely indescribable experience, the high of which lasts for weeks.  Trying to wrap your head around planning a day to celebrate the union of your husband and yourself is nearly as overwhelming. For that reason, we didn’t really think about it until a few months later.

The spark came over one of our favorite ways to spend time together at home: snuggled together while enjoying a glass of wine and an old film.  This one was The Lady Eve, a black-and-white romantic comedy starring my favorite actress Barbara Stanwyck and the darling Henry Fonda.  When I saw Barbara on screen in her character’s Edith Head designed gowns, I was inspired and the spark was born.

Barbara Stanwyck The Lady Eve

I remember telling Vikas how much I loved her dress, and as it turned out, it was the starting point for our special day (see a conceptual Dining Room design I did based on the film here). The timeless sophistication conveyed in these stills from the film, both above, from the way Barbara carries herself, to the interiors, to the overall spirit of elegance and joy of comfortable formality expressed by the characters’ lifestyle of everyday fine dining with crystal and candle light.  These values of enjoying everyday, taking the time to use your silver flatware (see a post I did on this concept here), and to light candles are sentiments we believe in and have always taken pleasure in practicing as a couple.  Naturally seeing all of the above on film got us thinking about how we wanted our wedding to be.

How We Developed Our Wedding Concept Our Love For New York

Our decision to hold our wedding celebration in the city we call home and love was a given.  As we live in midtown Manhattan, a location nearby, if not within walking distance, was what we were looking for.

Sarah Sarna and Vikas Sarna walking together in New York City

How We Developed Our Wedding Concept The Romance of Paris

We love to travel and had done quite a bit of it as a couple, particularly to France’s city of Paris, where we spent a week on holiday in 2009 and nearly three weeks in 2010.  As our second favorite city to New York, from the food, to the culture, to the history, to the architecture and interiors, the language, to the joie de vivre spirit of the city, we love Paris. Gilding, great food, jazz, and grand stone architecture had to be in the mix, somehow.

vikas-sarna-sarah-sarna-paris copy

How We Developed Our Wedding Concept

Film is a topic I’ve written about quite a bit on LTLYDA – it’s a medium my husband and I share a love for and enjoying viewing and savoring together. Our absolute favorite decade of Hollywood film is the 1930s, so we wanted to incorporate this into our special day, somehow.

how we developed our wedding concept: the romance of Paris in 1930s New York City

Over several months and many moodboards, we narrowed and narrowed our wedding concept to what eventually became “The Romance of Paris in 1930’s New York.” There you have it: How We Developed Our Wedding Concept. Stay tuned for the next installment in the ‘How I Got Married Twice’ series, where I take you on a tour of the venue we chose, and show you the design of our “Save The Date.”

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Images / Barbara Stanwyck reclining on settee via moviediva / Barbara Stanwyck at table via Elyse Snow / Sarah and Vikas on Fifth Avenue photographed by Jenny Ebert / All photos in collage of Versailles and Paris by Sarah Sarna /


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