How to Stop Drinking; my answers to eight readers' questions about what works for me.

When readers contact me, more than 70% of the time it’s about how to stop drinking. I first mentioned that I’d ceased sipping in a post titled, Something You Do Daily. I followed up six months later with 10 Inspiring Female Celebrities who Don’t Drink, and a year later with 15 Inspiring Male Celebrities who Don’t Drink. It’s now been 3 years and 5 months that I’ve been alcohol-free!

As I wrote in 15 Inspiring Celebrities, “Summertime is always a challenging time to be a non-drinker, especially at weddings, and at any (and every) outdoor occasion. But so are the Holidays, and weekends, and cocktail hours, and pretty much any other time you can think of.”

So to kick off the month of July, a wonderful Holiday weekend, and a strong Summer, I’ve put together my answers to eight readers’ questions about how to stop drinking, – i.e.: what works for me. Whether you drink or not, I think you’ll find the questions, and responses, interesting.

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Girls nights have never been a thing women I know have proposed to me or in general, as drinking is a given in every social interaction that I have ever been aware of. “Let’s get a drink,” or “we should do drinks,” is the way that the people I know ask others to spend time with them. During my 15 years in New York, socializing was predominantly done outside of the home, in which case alcohol could be ordered, and in the year I’ve been in Virginia, socializing is done more often in people’s homes, where alcohol is always extended as a gesture of hospitality. Although I do not partake, when I entertain I, too, view offering alcohol as hospitable and would not host without having more than enough to provide.

Author: Sarah Sarna

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