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Happy February First!  I love the month of February, the Valentine’s Day holiday, and the spirit of showing others that you care.  Since today is the first day of a month that is about love and all of the above, and since you guys know How I Met My Husband, I think the time is right in this short month to finally, at last, share stories, photos, and great memories of my engagement, the year that followed, and marriage to my husband Vikas – not once, but twice in the year 2011.

No one: not his family, not my family, not even our wedding parties have seen even ONE of the photos of our wedding.  In order words, the time has come.  Since getting married we have been so busy hitting the ground running: starting businesses, blogs, moving to a new apartment, traveling, running marathons, and so on and so forth – that now that we’ve started to hit our stride and settle in, it’s time to share a huge part of our history with you.

Blogging is storytelling, and we have so many to tell.  Here’s a photo of us, above, at a very special place on the night of our engagement: July 26th, 2010.

I thought I’d kick off this series with this image, as it is a reminder of how exciting it was to more formally embark on our life together that day!

Join me as I share stories — including those “behind the scenes,” and all the little details in between – throughout the month of February, here on Sarah Sarna [dot] com.


Over the weekend, etc., I’ll be pouring over our binders and discs and discs of information, crafting my tales.

I’m so happy to be sharing with you and look forward to reliving our amazing memories. More soon!

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