Inslee Haynes

Mailing and receiving cards are true pleasures, especially this time of year.  I love opening our mailbox and doing a near-full-ardha-uttanasana with the hope of finding something more personal, although a catalog or magazine will always do.

These holiday cards are so charming you’ll want to write them in your best cursive, and post as many as you can.

But before I show you the cards, I have to say (on a side note) that I received the most beautifully hand-written-in-cursive card for my birthday from my oldest, dearest, friend Margaret.  Her elegant script is an inspiration.

And speaking of inspiration, my four favorite greetings of the season all happen to be original watercolor illustrations by one New York-based Miss Inslee Haynes.  A little more suspense regarding her in a moment, but first a few of  her standout stationery designs.

Inslee Haynes

Aren’t they chic?

Now, who is Inslee?  A peek at her self-portrait and an excerpt from her bio:

Inslee Haynes

In addition to note cards and limited edition prints, Miss Haynes takes on a small number of commissions each year.

Can you get over this holiday design she created recently?

A client asked Inslee to capture the grandeur of old New York, an elegantly designed interior, and, of course, her and her husband looking fabulous.

She succeeded:

Inslee Haynes

Season’s Greetings!

Start mailing away.  You are guaranteed to make a dear friend’s day… and reward her ardha uttanasana.

  1. Mistletoe Flat Note Cards.  The sweetest intentional pause, captured. $25.00 for 10.
  2. December 24th Flat Note Cards. Waiting until the last minute can be the most fun!  $25.00 for 10.
  3. Nine Ladies Dancing Folded Note Cards.  Hummmm along.  $35.00 for 10.
  4. little tree Folded Note Cards. Too cute for words, inspired by the e.e. cummings classic. $25.00 for 10.

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Image Credit(s): All Illustrations by Inslee Haynes

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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