halloween dinner party table decorations

Our relocation to Virginia has entailed so many firsts: our first Family Room, our first outdoor space, and now, the ability to throw my hat in the game with seasonal decorating for the first time. I never knew the change in Season from Summer to Fall could hold so many decor possibilities, and I have enough ideas that it’s borderline overwhelming. So when Intel reached out to me about integrating an Intel 2in1 Laptop + Tablet device into my lifestyle, they couldn’t have sent me a new laptop-and-tablet-in-one at a better time.

Over the past fews weeks my 2-in-1 and I have become fast friends. It’s helped me get a jump start on my ambitious Fall-related decorating and home management, and to prep for #73 of my 101 in 1001 goals: “Host a dinner party.” With Halloween coming up, I figured that now is the time to send out invites and get my dinner party game on. So as soon as my 2-in-1 arrived, I updated to the Windows 10 operating system, which makes it effortless to switch between tablet and laptop mode. The new OS is also very visually clean, and has a familiar feel that is easy to understand, plus lots of cool features.

When I started my dinner party planning I knew three things: that I wanted bats, matte black pumpkins, and a formal dining arrangement. From there, it was a lot of fun to be able to pin and compile images in tablet mode, and to also be able to switch-in-a-sec to laptop mode in order to tweak the seating chart and the preliminary menu spreadsheets. As a blogger I’m most accustomed to typing on a keyboard, but on weekends and when I want to curl up with a tablet, it’s really amazing to have both in one.

Now, as you browse the slideshow, you’ll see that I have the table decorations nailed down, as well as the invitations designed, addressed, and ready to pop in the mail. The next phase, is, of course: the menu – and the playlist. I’ll keep you posted!

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halloween dinner party table decorations

Author: Sarah Sarna

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