Gold Bracelets and Accessories

You know how sometimes you’ll come across a book or item of clothing that you haven’t  seen in while and forgot that you had? And that pleasing surprise when you find it? This happens to me with blog posts, too. I drafted this one on layering gold bracelets and bangles almost a year ago, only to come across it again this weekend.

Gold Bracelets and Accessories

In fact, in March I did a post on Minimal Modern Jewelry, which couldn’t be more different that these maximalist looks. So it was a delight to chance upon these big, bold accessories that swing the opposite way.

Gold Bracelets and Accessories

Naturally, I like both looks, depending on my outfit, occasion, and mood. Leave me a comment below and let me know what your preferences are. Modern minimalism of bold maximalism? And do your jewelry tastes run parralell  to your interior design style?

Gold Bangles

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Image Credit(s): Elie Saab via Stylebistro / Givenchy via Trendland / Elie Saab via Stylebistro / Osana Visconti via L’Atitude / Could I Have That /

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Author: Sarah Sarna

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